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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Digital Video Ad Effectiveness Case Study 2008 - Time Flys?

Here is a little something I found today, what a trip down memory lane. Can you imagine a time where we questioned the usefulness of video pre-roll? Read on if you dare:

Despite the rapid growth of digital video advertising, marketers are still learning how to use the medium most effectively.  The IAB Research Council undertook a study of a video advertising campaign for a major national retailer brand. This research sought to provide insights into which combinations of lengths and placements of digital video advertising are most effective. The IAB commissioned Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic to undertake this research, which serves as a case study on digital video ad effectiveness. The findings of the study include the following:

15 seconds appears to be an optimal length for digital video creative in the pre-roll position. 5-second spots had trouble conveying a message; while 30-second spots risked turning off a viewer waiting to watch something else.

30-second spots do well at conveying a complex or emotionally resonant message, but work best in user-initiated placements (where the user must take an action, like clicking on an ad or rolling over an in-text link, to begin playing the ad) where viewers display more patience for long messages.
Pre-roll, in-text, and in-banner video ad placements can all contribute to achieving the goals of a campaign; however, different placements may perform optimally with different creative lengths.
As a single campaign case study, the findings here do not represent definitive conclusions. However, they do offer useful guidance for the industry, and point in productive directions for further research in the area of digital video creative length and placement.

Download the complete case study by clicking here

Monday, June 2, 2014

Automotive SEM Done Right, A How To and Who To Explanation - Video Blog

The set up process: 

Most dealerships have some sort of involvement in Pay per click (PPC) advertising, many of them are nervous to maintain their own advertising campaigns. That's where some one like myself comes in. Each pay per click advertising campaign that Me and my team maintain is continually managed to ensure you receive the best PPC results. My team and I can handle every detail including the creation of campaigns, continuous oversight, continued strategic revisions and analytical optimization.

Once you've decided to use pay-per-click, I will work diligently with you to identify a monthly budget. This is done via market research, landing page analysis, and keyword assessment.

Transparency is important; in addition to in-depth reporting, you will receive live access to both Google Analytics and Google Adwords. It is important to see how you digital marketing is translating to sales on the showroom floor.

A few thing's that set my Pay-Per-Click Advertising Apart:

Dynamic Inventories - Dynamic inventory Campaigns can pull your current inventory information up to two times a day and generate ads from every new or used vehicle in your inventory. These ads can include, price, trim, year, color, and more.

Bid Budget Managment - I will take the power of wall streets automatic trading systems and convert their usefulness into a bidding system that insures you never under bid or over pay for any given click. Making your advertising dollar stretch more than was previously possible.

Intelligent Remarking - Remarketing is what happens when somebody visits your website, then leaves your website and then is served up a display ad on other websites, directing them back to yours. My remarketing offers the ability to remarket video, images, and text.

Video Pre-Roll - YouTube is a wonderful place to change peoples minds. 63% of purchasers start with brand in mind and only 20% purchase that brand. With my google pre-roll service you will be able to capture / remarket these consumers before they commit to another brand or dealership.

Keyword Level Tracking - With keyword level tracking I can make decision as to your automotive PPC campaign that wouldn't be possible other wise. My teams uses advanced algorithms to track website conversions, ROI, and cost per conversion.

The Human Touch - While it is important to use algorithms and analytics to make educated advertising decisions, that's not all it takes to run a successful PPC campaign. Having a dedicated account manager to access the local market and adjust accordingly is essential. This same individual must be available 24/7 to address your concerns and marketing needs.

If you are interested in learning more about my service or simply have a question related to my blog please fill out the brief form below:

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By: Josh Martin 

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