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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Great & Free Online HTML Editor

I found a great online HTML editor called QuackIt. I practically never endorse anything; other than Google Adwords. In this case, I have not be incentivised or paid to do so.

This editor is ideal for tweaking tables, adding videos, and images to already existing sites with an established CSS and CMS. To operate the editor you need basic Microsoft Word Skills, but you can also edit the source HTML directly. Meaning you can copy and paste into and out of this editor with ease.

I have a client who needs to change a landing page on their site weekly, but can not afford a developer. With a brief training session, I was able to teach them to make the code and export it to their site. this saved time and money, but also keeps "too many cooks from getting into the kitchen".

Additionally QuackIt has many editors and a wealth of tutorials. Enjoy!

HTML Editor:

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