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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple Predicted The Future With Some Success - Video Blog

With the announcement of the iWatch, iPhone 6, and the recent launch of iOS8; I thought it would be a good time to review some of apples concepts videos from years past. As well as a few fan made concepts. From the awkward looking iTie to the almost spot on rendition of the iPhone 6, it's all in the playlist above. Some of the predictions are hilarious, however; others that seemed far fetched in the 80's are now a reality.

We'll notice, Apple predicts it's success, but fails to foresee the sales slump they felt during the 90s. We see the internet as we know it today, a literal "world wide web". In the videos Apple sells it all time profit high short by about, $150 Billion dollars. They also thought they would sell 50 million macs by 1997. They were under by 50 million macs.

Perhaps the most entertaining prediction is, the Vista Mac. A Google glass like devices that can accept what appears to be a miniature hard disk. Or the faciful idea of a computer being custom manufactured in an instant by teleport. We also get a good laugh seeing Steve Wozniak say "computer speed and computer memory doubles every two years". He then displays to us a processor that the size of an Apple TV.

Enjoy taking a trip down memory lane. Try to draw you own conclusions and comment below. What did you find funny or fictional?

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